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"If you’re going to do something, do it well.

Listen more than you talk.

Honor what everyone brings to the table."

Why I want to serve

As an APS parent and active volunteer, I know that APS is a vibrant community of outstanding schools. And yet, I am convinced we can do better


  • We can provide every student with an excellent education. To do so, we should use our resources effectively to support student learning, build a new vision for excellence in education as we navigate the emerging landscape, and serve the full range of students across our system.

  • We have an obligation to support the mental health and well-being of all of those in our system—teachers, staff, students, parents. We are a community that recognizes the value of every individual; we also know that we can do better at meeting the breadth of academic, social emotional, and life skills needs of our diverse student population, and we need to provide substantial support for our teachers and staff. This requires strategic planning, transparency about needs and objectives, and a steady course of action over time.

  • We can be in community together. We have the opportunity to recenter our focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in all aspects of our system as we chart a new course forward after a period of disruption. We can and should work to build community, trust, and transparency and design new forms of collaboration and engagement.

What I will do

Listen – to teachers, students, staff, and parents

Elevate – those whose voices often are not heard

Engage – by asking questions, examining evidence, digging in to the complexities

Lead – with well-informed decisions that are driven by our values and priorities

Communicate – openly, often, and thoughtfully

Get Involved!



Whether you can chip in $5 or $500, every bit makes a difference!

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